Fifteen Years of Excellence

Initial Coatings prides itself as one of the fast growing companies in the Indian Paint industry. Since its inception in 2004, Initial Coatings, through its brand SMOOTHTEK has been providing painting solutions ranging from economy to luxury products. The average Indian consumer, is now ever so discerning that it makes it so much important for manufacturers to appreciate and understand her varying needs. With SMOOTHTEK, we have been able to successfully cater to these needs thanks to our product and application insight. For 15 years now, our paints have touched many lives and at every level provided.
- Asense of safety by protecting the area painted
- Asense of beauty by providing a variety of colours
And for many more years to come, we wish to continue our journey with a higher level of commitment towards our customers and to delight them continuously using the magic of colour.

About Us

Initial Coatings is committed to a clean and healthy environment and we treat this as our top priority. To this effect, we conduct all aspects of our affairs as responsible members of the Environment. We also keep in mind the entire set of stake holders in business our employees, our customers, our vendors, the government while making business decisions. As a player which is pitted against the many other SMEs as well as the large sector paint manufacturers, we feel the need to differentiate ourselves in terms of products and practices. We are determined to stay differentiated and towards this end, we have put in place our Mission and Vision statements which will guide us in our next phase of growth.


To provide effective painting solutions to a wide spectrum of consumers in South India


To grow into a responsible Pan India level paint and coatings manufacturer by ensuring

  • To use chemistry for better protection of nature.
  • High standards of manufacturing by putting in place best practices in the industry.
  • Use of top quality raw materials
  • Acontinual upgrading of technology
  • Acompetent set of employees and creating leaders of them
  • To make meaningful and relevant products through innovation
  • Following of ethical practices while conducting business