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SMOOTHTEK White Cement Based Putty

Smoothtek White Cement Based Putty, promises a blemish free surface thanks to the presence of finely powdered White Portland Cement. It is an excellent product for crack filling as well as for providing smooth finishes to any wall. It can be used on even tiled walls for filling of jointing. It gives best results in interior and exterior application equally

Packing Details : Available in presentations of 40 kg, 20 kg, 5 kg & 1 kg HDPE Bag.
Coverage : The approximate covering capacity is 8 to 10 sq.ft per Kg. per Two coats. It depends on surface condition / preparation and porosity of the surface.

Special Attributes

  • Excellent adhesion strength.
  • Reliable & long-lasting.
  • Well-suited for all types of paints.
  • Excellent finish & paint effects.
  • No water curing required.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Non toxic.

How to Apply

  • Use only on interior/exterior cemented surfaces.
  • Free the surface from dirt, loose particles & residual paints.
  • Clean the surface with sand paper or wire brush.
  • Provide sufficient moisture to the surface.
  • Mix the putty with water at a 60-40 ratio.
  • Mix the putty for 10-15 minutes to get workable consistency.
  • For better results use mixer tool.
  • Prepare the putty in small quantities.
  • Apply within 2 -3 hours using putty knife/towel.
  • Keep thickness of both coats at 1.5mm. Now the surface is ready for painting.
  • Let the surface dry & then smoothen with sandpaper or emery paper.