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SMOOTHTEK Superfine Spray Plaster

As the same suggests, Smoothtek Superfine Spray Plaster gives a super smooth finish to the Interior walls, thereby enhancing the final finish of the Top Coat. Our in house R & D has been able to to develop a unique Smoothening Technique which makes Smoothtek Superfine Spray Plaster a much sought after product in its segment.

Packing Details : Available in presentation of 25 kgs Bag, 5kgs and lkg.
Coverage : The approximate covering capacity is 7 - 8 sq.ft. per kg. per two coats. It depends on surface condition / preparation and porosity of the surface.

Special Attributes

  • Ultra fine minerals.
  • Biocides.
  • Corrosion inhibitors.
  • Additives.
  • Convenient Paste form.
  • No need to use primer so it reduces paint consumption.
  • Anti-fungal property.
  • No blistering on surface due to porous nature.

How to Apply

  • Before applying remove all loose particles, mould oil and cavities from wall.
  • Apply directly on the interior walls / surfaces using putty knife.
  • Keep thickness of coat at 1mm and allow it to dry.
  • Then apply 2nd coat also of 1mm thickness.
  • Very smooth surfaces do not require second coat.
  • "Premium Wall Putty" takes about 3-4 hours to dry before applying 2nd coat.
  • Anti-fungal property.
  • Leave 8 - 10 hours after applying 2nd and final coat.
  • Then lightly rub "150/180/220" number sand paper or a fine emery paper in circular movement on it.
  • Remove the dust by clean cloth and apply any paint directly on "Superfine Spray Plaster".