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SMOOTHTEK Interior Cement Primer

SmoothTek Interior Cement Primer is an excellent product which can be used on both new and old surfaces. Its Smooth finishing reduces uses of Top Coat thereby reducing final cost of consumer.

Packing Details : Available in presentations of 20 Lit, 10 Lit, 4 Lit & 1Lit plastic containers.
Coverage : The approximate covering capacity is 80 to 90 sq.ft per Lit. per coat. It depends on surface condition / preparation and porosity of the surface.

Special Attributes

  • Alkaline resistan.
  • Good adhesion to interior masonry surfaces for both new & old cement surfaces.
  • Superior filling property.
  • Results in exceptional quality and durable finish coat.

How to Apply

  • New masonry surfaces have to be completely dry.
  • For old surfaces, make sure the surface is smooth and free from loose or powdery particles by scraping.
  • Apply a coat after thinning with water.
  • Fill up minor cracks and defects with Smoothtek Wall putty after the first coat.
  • Allow to dry completely, and then rub with emery paper to smoothen the surface.
  • Apply final coat of primer on the putty’s surface.
  • Let the primer surface dry in 60 minutes.