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SMOOTHTEK Acrylic Distemper

SmoothTek Acrylic Distemper has been designed for Interior application. it gives a smooth finish to the wall as well as durability to the surface. It is available in White and Based. The product is designed in such a way that it has excellent colour retention which has long lasting impact on the Decor. It is also designed for excellent coverage for interiors.

Packing Details : Available in presentation of 25 kgs Bag, 5kgs and lkg.
Coverage : The approximate covering capacity is 7 - 8 sq.ft. per kg. per two coats. It depends on surface condition / preparation and porosity of the surface.

Special Attributes

  • Good adhesion to interior masonry surfaces for both new & old cement surfaces.
  • Superior filling property.
  • Results in exceptional quality and durable finish coat.
  • Value for money.

How to Apply

  • New masonry surfaces have to be completely dry.
  • For old surfaces, make sure the surface is smooth and free from loose or powdery particles by scraping.
  • Apply a coat of smoothtek interior & Let it dry for 3 — 4 hours.
  • Mix Arcylic Distemper with 500 ml — 600 ml water per kg.
  • Apply two coats keeping an interval of 3 - 4 hours for drying.
  • Available in presentations of 20kgs, 10kgs, 5kgs, 2kgs & lkg plastic containers.