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SMOOTHTEK Breeze Exterior Emulsion Paint

Our Smoothtek Breeze Exterior Emulsion Paints range can be availed in a host of vibrant colours. It is a Long Lasting Premium Exterior Emulsion paint which has extreme weather resistence.
Our Breeze Exterior Emulsion Paint is formulated using superior quality raw materials aiming at achieving long lasting durability for exterior walls. This water-based paint is easy to apply and is also Eco Friendly.

Packing Details : Available in presentations of 20 Lit, 10 Lit, 4 Lit and 1 Lit plastic containers.
Coverage : The approximate covering capacity is 50 to 60 sq.ft. per litre for two coats. It depends on surface condition / preparation and porosity of the surface.

Special Attributes

  • Pure Acrylic Binders.
  • Fine extenders of 20 microns.
  • Weather resistance properties.
  • Retain original beauty longer.
  • Saves repainting costs.
  • Excellent durability.

How to Apply

  • Remove loose particle on plaster.
  • Crack should filled up with smooth tek cement base putty.
  • Mix one litre of paint with 300 ml of water.
  • Gap of 4-6 hours between two coats.